Why Should Developers Migrate their DApps from Ethereum to XinFin Network?

What’s a DApp?

Ethereum DApps are built on smart contracts deployed onto the Ethereum blockchain where Ethereum serves as the back-end for the application. One of the most popular DApps — Cryptokitties, is collectibles-style Dapp built on Ethereum. When we build a game with Ethereum, essentially, each game action and transaction is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

What’s XinFin Network?

In short, XinFin Network is a solution to blockchain scalability and functionality issues of Ethereum Network (similar like Ethereum trying to achieve with Ethereum-2.0 or Serenity. Ref). It supports all EVM-compatible smart-contracts, which basically means that every DApp run on Ethereum can be easily ported to XinFin Network.

Why should developers build DApps on XinFin Network?

Remember CryptoKitties in 2017? A single DApp brought the whole Ethereum blockchain to their knees. The network was congested, with endless waiting times for transaction confirmation and high transaction fees. Porting to XinFin Network would seem a good idea for the CryptoKitties.

  • TPS: XinFin Network mainnet can process 2'000 TPS, which is 100x faster than the Ethereum blockchain,
  • PoW vs XDPoS: xinfin consensus replaces High Power consuming PoW from Ethereum and Replace with XDPoS which makes the network faster and saves energy.
  • Gas Fees: For a fraction (1/1000) of the cost of DApps on Ethereum.
  • Block Creation time 2 Seconds compare to every 14 to 16 seconds for the Ethereum

How to Deploy DApp on XinFin XDC Network?

How to install XinPay ?

How to create a token on XinFin Network?

What is XinFin Remix ?

XinFin Remix is a web browser-based integrated development environment that allows the user to write Solidity smart contracts, then Compile, Deploy & run the smart contract on XinFin Blockchain Network.


It will not be too difficult and won’t take much time to migrate your DApps from Ethereum to XinFin Network. Along with that DApps running on XinFin Network have many advantages in speed and cost. So don’t hesitate to bring your DApps to XinFin Network where you can make your DApps great again…

About XinFin Hybrid Blockchain

XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and product ecosystem allow entrepreneurs, enterprises, and institutions to build high-performance, feature-rich blockchain projects on an enhanced EVM-compatible platform. An array of original features and protocols is designed to support users’ speed, privacy, usability, and liquidity needs all in one platform.



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