How to directly interact with smart contracts from your Yodaplus Safe account.

ruslan wing
2 min readAug 3, 2022


Here’s an example on how to use the “Contract Interaction” feature with Yodaplus at to interact with arbitrary smart contracts. You can access the Contract Interaction feature using the Send button.

1) Select a smart contract to interact with

First, you need to paste a valid XinFin address of a smart contract that you would like to interact with.

2) Specify the ABI

For contracts that are verified on XinFin Explorer, we automatically suggest the ABI, but you can also add an ABI manually using the input field.

3) Select the method

You can now select one of the available methods for this contract. Yodaplus Safe supports both, read and write functions.

4) Define parameter

The interface will now display the parameters and parameter types of this method. Optional define how much tokens you would like to burn

5) Review and send

Finally, you can review your smart contract interaction and confirm the transaction. Depending on your owner setup, the transaction will have to be confirmed by other signers as well.

So finally now you can interact with your smart contract using Yodaplus multsig wallet

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