How to Create Your First NFT and Sell It On XDSea (in less than 10 min)

ruslan wing
5 min readMar 8, 2022


I’m no artist. But if you want to make some good potential money as an artist, my first thought would be to create an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and sell it online.

But before doing so, I needed to figure out what an NFT was. From what I gathered, it’s basically a “digital certificate of authenticity” and in this article, you will be able to:

  1. Download XDCPay Extension wallet and generate an address to pay the fees associated with listing an NFT for sale.
  2. Buy or transfer some XDC to cover those fees.
  3. Connect the XDCPay wallet to the XDCSea NFT marketplace.
  4. List the artwork for sale and turn it into an NFT.

So let’s get started!

1. Download XDCPay Wallet

XDCPay is a simple and free way to create wallet addresses. You can head to the XDCPay to install their free browser extension.

Once you have XDCPay installed, let’s create a new wallet address.

Create a free XDCPay account if you don’t have one yet. Make sure to write down your password in a secure location. You could also use a pen/paper as long as you keep it somewhere safe (offline is best).

Create a new wallet specifically for buying & selling NFTs. Mine looks like this:

2. Buy or transfer some XDC to cover those fees

If you already have XDC somewhere like me (I have some securely stored in my Trezor), you can simply transfer around 0.1 XDC which is $0.0047 worth of XDC to this new XDCPay wallet you created.

If you don’t have XDC yet, you’ll either need to buy some from a certain exchange you can find the list of all the exchanges where you can buy XDC at coinmarketcap.

3. Connect the wallet to

Once you’ve got some XDC in your XDCPay Extension wallet, it’s time to connect to XDSea. The site should look like this:

To get started, On XDSea, click on the “Connect” button at the top to get started. Depending on the wallet you’re using, such as XDCPay or with privatekey, Keystore Wallet, and you can even connect your Dcent Hardware wallet

4. List the artwork and turn it into an NFT

Now, he’s the fun part! To this point, we have connected our XDCPay wallet and we’re ready to start selling (or buying) NFTs! We’ll only be covering the selling portion but buying should be simple enough to figure out.

To sell an item, click on the “Create” button From there you’ll be prompted to upload a digital file and give your NFT an asset name and Optional fields include asset description for your work and optional fields where you will have to set the asset price in XDC

This is also where you can set up how much you’ll be paid in royalties if your NFT gets sold again later on. Five percent to 10% of the secondary sales price is considered a standard royalty payout.

After entering the royalty (in percentage) you will have to enter the collection name after that you will have to enter the collection Description, collection Banner, collection logo and Twitter link, Instagram link, Discord link, Website link you can enter the links if it is available and if its the property you can add the property

You can also add unlockable content and after entering all the details click on mint NFT

After clicking on mint NFT you will have to sign the transaction nd your NFT will get minted

After minting the NFT you will have to sign one more transaction which will bring your NFT to the marketplace

Now you can see your NFT has been minted and now you can list your NFT to the XDSea Market place where anyone can purchase your NFT

After this, you will have to just click on the list and set the selling price for your NFT which has been minted by you

After that, you will have to sign the transaction and after signing the transaction your NFT will list on the XDsea marketplace

Finally, you will see the success image that your NFT has been listed on the XDSea Market place and now anyone can purchase your NFT

Here is the link to the XFM NFT which I have listed on the XDSea marketplace

In the meantime, if you have any questions about XinFin Development or you are a DeFi project and want to know more about how to migrate your project to XinFin Network you can always contact me via Telegram @Ruslan_wing

For any support, connect via XDC Network’s Social media communities on Slack, Twitter, and Discord.