How to Create XDC wallet at Guarda web wallet

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4 min readAug 5, 2020

A step by step guide on how to create an XDC wallet at Guarda web wallet and store it.

Guarda supports XinFin Hybrid Blockchain native coin XDC among other 48+ popular cryptocurrency coins. Thankfully to the team, Guarda is a cross-platform wallet solution. Buying XDC would simply mean that you can access your funds from any XinFin Official wallet or Guarda web wallet.

Guarda wallet doesn’t store private keys, passwords or any other personal data. It makes Guarda the most advanced and secure interface for direct interaction with the blockchain.

Guarda and XinFin Team strongly encourages you to keep your private keys and passwords in a secure place. To help you do that, Guarda has integrated an option to export every key separately and make a full wallet backup. You only need to hide them away from prying eyes. If you lose them, nobody would be able to help you restore access to your wallet.

Make sure your password and keys are stored securely and you wouldn’t lose them, because if you do, they will be gone forever. As soon as you create a wallet from scratch or import the private keys, create a backup right away. Do not store it on your computer. If you are extra serious about the safety of your funds, just take the multiple back-ups of your privatekey.

So let’s start on How to Create an XDC Wallet — Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1:- You can find Guarda wallet at and click on create a web wallet.

Step 2:- You will see the welcome screen at you will need to proceed by clicking Create a New Wallet.

Step 3:- Think of a password to protect your wallet at We suggest using our comprehensive password guide to help you in making up a suitable XDC wallet password.

Step 4:- Backup is a key to your funds at so Please Download your backup file and keep it properly as well as password. It ensures access to your funds.

Step 5:- You will see that you have successfully created a Guarda web wallet at but you will have to click on add wallet.

Step 6:- You will have to search and create an XDC wallet

Step 7:- Finally you have created your XDC wallet you can see your public address and please download the backup of your XDC wallet.

Step 8:- You can see the XDC wallet has been successfully added to Guarda wallet so you can now send receive and store your XDC tokens on Guarda wallet.

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