How to Add XinFin Network’s XRC-20 Custom token account on Dcent Biometric Hardware wallet or Dcent Software wallet: User Guide.

ruslan wing
4 min readSep 16, 2021

What is XinFin Network’s XRC20 Contract?

XRC stands for “XinFin request for comment” (similar to ERC stands for “Ethereum Request for comment”)

The XRC-20 introduces a standard for Fungible Tokens, in other words, they have a property that makes each Token be the same (in type and value) as another Token. For example, an XRC-20 Token acts just like the XDC, meaning that 1 Token is and will always be equal to all the other Tokens. Its similar standard was followed by the ERC20 Which was created by Ethereum developers. How to create XINFIN XRC20 token without code

How to Add XRC20 Custom Token to Dcent hardware wallet and Dcent software wallet?
Now let’s learn Step by step guide which will guide you on How to add the XRC-20 tokens (custom token contract) to the Dcent Biometric Hardware wallet and Dcent software wallet. You can purchase Dcent Biometric wallet from the Dcent wallet official website and you can also purchase Dcent wallet from Amazon and do check out the list of the authorized reseller

Step 1:- Install the Dcent Biometric wallet on your Android mobile through the play store and IOS users can install it from the App store.

If you have a Dcent Biometric wallet you can select the Biometric option to checkout Quick overview video on How to set up the Dcent Biometric wallet and if you do not have a biometric wallet you can use software App wallet. while using the app wallet

just make sure you take multiple backups of your software mnemonic phrase.

Step 2:- After selecting the Biometric or App wallet you will have to register your password which will be the pin and make sure you remember it. As whenever you will access the wallet it will ask first to enter your pin then only you will be accessing your wallet.

Step 3:- After entering the Pin you will find the BTC, ETh, XDC you just need to click on the + Button

Step 4:- After clicking on the + button you can see the list of the tokens, you need to select + Add Custom Token

Step 5:- After that, you need to select the XinFin XRC-20 token from the list

Step 6:- As XRC-20 tokens are deployed on the XinFin Network you will require XDC tokens as a gas fee so you need to select your fee account and click on the next.

Step 7:- After selecting the gas fee account you just need to enter the smart contract address of the token and all the other details will be getting added automatically and then click on the next.

Step 8:- After adding the XRC-20 token on the Dcent wallet you will find the token under the XinFin and you can send, receive and store the XRC-20 tokens easily on the Dcent wallet.

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