How Ethereum Developers can easily start working with the XDC Network

Consensus mechanism

While the Ethereum Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism is similar to the one of Bitcoin, it’s vastly different from XinFin Delegated proof of stake (XDPoS).

XinFin XDC Network is compatible with Metamask and Remix for smart contract development.

Something you might already be familiar with is MetaMask. But wait, isn’t MetaMask an Ethereum wallet? It is, but connecting it to XDC Network is quite easy. This way, you can use a familiar UI when interacting with XDC Network.

After deploying the smart contract, How do you track the XDC Network address?

So, now we have almost everything to get started. But how will we track our activity on XDC Network? Well, XinFinScan is the best place.

Closing thoughts

There are lots of similarities between XDC Network and Ethereum. In part, this is what has made it so easy for Ethereum users to migrate and start experimenting with XDC Network. But despite the similarities, XDC Network adopted interesting changes to try and improve on performance and efficiency. The XinFin Delegated Proof of stake (XDPoS) consensus mechanism allowed users to enjoy even cheaper and faster blockchain transactions.



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