Earn Free XDC Tokens to Cover Gas Fees on the XDC Network Mainnet with the Unitap App

ruslan wing
5 min readJun 6, 2023

Unitap, the leading onboarding tool for networks and communities, has seamlessly integrated the XDC Network into its platform. Discover how this integration benefits the XDC Network community, reducing transaction fees and enhancing the user-friendly onboarding experience.

Unitap, a renowned onboarding tool for networks and communities, recently announced its XDC Network integration. This strategic collaboration aims to empower the XDC Network community by simplifying onboarding and alleviating transaction fees for decentralized application (DApp) users. With Unitap’s comprehensive suite of services, XDC Network users can now effortlessly access the required gas fees to onboard their DApps onto the mainnet. This integration marks a significant milestone for both Unitap and the XDC Network, offering a more accessible and cost-effective onboarding experience for users.

Enhanced Onboarding Experience:

By integrating the XDC Network into its platform, Unitap has effectively eliminated a major barrier to entry for DApp developers and users. The integration enables the XDC Network community to leverage Unitap’s intuitive onboarding solution, providing a seamless path to deploy their DApps on the mainnet. With Unitap’s user-friendly interface and streamlined processes, developers can now onboard their applications quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and effort. This enhanced onboarding experience encourages innovation and growth within the XDC Network ecosystem.

Reduced Transaction Fees:

Transaction fees, commonly known as gas fees, can significantly deter users from interacting with DApps built on the XDC Network. However, this obstacle is effectively addressed with the integration of the XDC Network into the Unitap platform. Unitap now enables XDC Network community members to access the necessary gas fees required for their DApp transactions, reducing the financial burden and making participation more accessible. Unitap’s integration empowers users to seamlessly engage with DApps on the XDC Network by optimizing transaction costs and fostering increased adoption and utilization.

User-Friendly and Cost-Effective Solution:

Unitap’s integration with the XDC Network brings forth a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for the community. With a simplified onboarding process and reduced transaction fees, developers and users can now focus on creating and experiencing innovative DApps without worrying about the intricacies of gas fees. The Unitap platform streamlines the entire onboarding journey, providing a seamless experience from initial deployment to active engagement. This synergy between Unitap and the XDC Network ensures a favorable environment for developers and users alike, spurring the growth and success of the XDC Network ecosystem.

Certainly! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Unitap DApp to acquire XDC tokens:

Step 1: Visit the Unitap DApp website

Go to https://unitap.app/ using your web browser. This is the official website for Unitap DApp, where you can access various features, including acquiring XDC tokens.

Step 2: Select the XDC Network

On the Unitap DApp homepage, locate the list of networks. Search for the XDC Network, which should appear twice: one labeled “XDC Network EVM compatible” and the other as a “Non-EVM Network.”

Step 3: Choose the appropriate network

If you want to connect your MetaMask wallet to claim XDC tokens, select the “XDC Network EVM compatible” option. If you prefer to claim the tokens using an XDC prefix address, choose the “Non-EVM Network.”

Step 4: Verify your Bright ID account

To claim XDC tokens, you must have a verified Bright ID account. You can download the Bright ID application on Android or iOS if you don’t have one. Follow the instructions within the app to join Bright ID Connection Parties and get your account verified.

Step 5: Connect your MetaMask wallet

Once you have a verified Bright ID account, connect your MetaMask wallet with the Unitap DApp. This step allows you to claim the XDC tokens and have them deposited into your MetaMask wallet.

Step 6: Claim your XDC tokens

After connecting your MetaMask wallet, click on the option to “Claim your 0.001 XDC tokens.” By doing so, you will receive 0.001 XDC tokens to your MetaMask wallet on the XDC Network EVM compatible chain. These tokens can be used to deploy contracts and test the XDC Network.

Alternatively, if you want the XDC tokens to be deposited into your XDCPay wallet or any other XDC prefix address, choose the “Non-EVM Network” option. Paste your address in the provided field and proceed to claim the XDC tokens.


The integration of the XDC Network into Unitap’s onboarding platform heralds a new era of accessibility and convenience for the XDC Network community. By eliminating barriers associated with onboarding and reducing transaction fees, Unitap empowers developers and users to unleash their creativity and participate actively in the XDC Network ecosystem. With a user-friendly interface and cost-effective solutions, Unitap solidifies its position as a leading facilitator of onboarding services, bridging the gap between networks and communities. Embrace this integration and unlock the full potential of the XDC Network with Unitap’s comprehensive onboarding solution.

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