As Traditional Investment Markets Plummet, You Can Consider This Alternative

Why did I keep my money outside of the bank?

Reading various books and autobiographies, I understood that most millionaires don’t have all their money sitting in the bank. They distribute their funds by investing in non-traditional asset classes. Most of these come with calculated risks but also promise high returns; in some cases, their base investment may increase multifold.

From bitcoin mining to stake based minting

It was in 2018 I discovered the stake based minting concept. To earn through staking, I had to collect coins from the open market and be part of a network. It hardly required any hardware setup. Upon researching, I found that Ethereum too was planning to soon move from proof of mining to stake based minting.

How I set up my XinFin masternode/stake-based node?

XDC Network has created an easy one-click installer to set up a minting node/masternode.

53% return in one year.

After almost a year into stake-based minting on the XDC network, I can say that running a masternode is an excellent way to earn passive income.

The lesson I learned from my past 4 years’ experience.

This is for sure not a get-rich-quick business model by any means. But if you can afford the upfront cost of becoming a masternode, it is a valuable way to earn passive income. The other aspect is that you control your own assets and not third parties like banks or financial institutions. Looking at full control over assets and my returns, I am planning to set up one more masternode and started collecting 10 Million XDC to earn passive income.



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