A Step by Step guide on How to store your XDC tokens on Ellipal TitanCold wallet

ruslan wing
3 min readOct 30, 2021


What is an Ellipal Titan Cold wallet?

The ELLIPAL Titan is a complete network isolated offline cold storage. The ELLIPAL cold wallet gives full protection against remote and online attacks. The ELLIPAL Titan cannot be disassembled without leaving serious damages, its case made entirely out of metal, protecting you from supply chain attacks and malicious modifications.

So let’s start on How to store your XDC tokens on Ellipal Titan Cold wallet

Steps to store and retrieve XDC Tokens on Ellipal Titan Cold wallet:
Step-1:- Once you switch on the Ellipal Titan Cold wallet it will ask you to select the language after selecting the language. Three options will be available: i) Create Account ii) Recover via mnemonic phrase and iii) import account before creating account go to the setting and click on update and make sure it’s updated to the latest version if not do check out this article https://www.ellipal.com/pages/ellipal-update or check out the youtube video also https://youtu.be/Exo9KxaI6dQ

Step-2:- After clicking on Create Account you need to Enter the Account name for your Ellipal Titan wallet and you can create a max of 10 accounts on the Ellipal Titan Cold wallet. After Entering the Account name you need to Enter the Password please make sure you write down the password as you will require your password every time to sign the transaction after entering the password click on create an account.

Step-3:-After clicking on Create Account it will show your’s 12 words mnemonic phrase, please write it down and take multiple back-ups of it.

After writing down the mnemonic phrase you will have to verify your mnemonic phrase.

Step-4:- After verifying your mnemonic phrase you will have to select the coins which you want to add to the Ellipal Titan Hardware Wallet.

Step-5:- After adding the coin you will have to download the Ellipal wallet app please find the link for the Android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ellipal.wallet link to the IOS app https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ellipal/id1426179665

Step-6:- After downloading the Ellipal app on your mobile phone you will find the option of connecting to the Ellipal cold wallet. Click on it after that you will have to scan the wallet and it will get connected.

After scanning the QR code your wallet will be connected

And now you can send receive the tokens on your Ellipal Titan cold wallet,

You can order your own Ellipal Titan cold wallet from https://www.ellipal.com/products/ellipal-titan and it has two color options also available gold and silver

And in the upcoming updates, it may support all the XRC-20 tokens which are deployed on the XinFin Network.

There are also multiple hardware wallets available to store your XDC and XRC-20 tokens like the DCent Biometric Hardware wallet and Bitfi wallet.